Full-stack observability for Cisco Contact Center using AppDynamics

Purpose of the Article: Benefits of Full stack observability for Cisco Contact Center

Intended Audience: Managed services/BPS/Telecom

Tools and Technology: Monitoring Tools – AppDynamics, ThousandEyes

Keywords: monitoring tools, contact center, APM, full-stack

FSO for Contact Center:

Full Stack Observability for Cisco’s Contact Center Enterprise

  1. What is Full-Stack Observability for Contact Centers?
  2. The “Why”
  3. FSO Benefits for Contact Centers

FSO for Contact Center

Cisco’s best-in-class contact center is now integrated with the industry’s leading full-stack observability solution to deliver superior performance and reliability.


Cisco Contact Center Portfolio


Contact Center deployments are complex – performance visibility is key to delivering a quality service


  • Customer experience impact of preventable outages
  • Agent Productivity wherever they are located
  • Speed of Case Resolution

Why now?

The world has shifted to digital and contact centers are more central to customer experience than ever.


  • Increased call volume
  • Shift to remote work for agents
  • Less in-person transactions and support.


Contact Center Logical View

  • Notice the complex interactions in a typical contact center call
  • An issue in one area can impact all customers on the system
  • Quality monitoring is vital to simplify operations, resolve issues proactively, and deliver best in class performance


Full Stack Observability Benefits for Contact Center

Monitor UCCE services from a unified view

  • Automatically detect and map calls from Cisco Voice Portal to backend services and databases
  • Understand the performance and availability of key services that support IVR flows, such
  • Troubleshoot performance issues in real-time that impact your end-users
  • Eliminates reactive searching through log files to determine the root cause
  • Drastically improves MTTR

Monitor dependencies

  • If contact center agents can speak with a customer but cannot access the applications necessary to deliver a service, business is impacted.
  • Monitor applications critical to contact center business results in a unified operational view.
  • Customer records,, third party call recording solutions, and point of sale order processing applications are examples that may be included.

Dropped Calls:

  • Where did the call fail? Was it the cellular provider, the telco, the contact center infrastructure, or elsewhere?
  • Report on SIP errors for quick analysis and indicate where connections may have failed.
  • Customized call reports capture incoming phone numbers, providing the ability to call a customer that was disconnected.

Customized Dashboards

  • View call volume per contact center dropped or abandoned calls and other data in a customizable view with hyperlink capability for instant visibility into detailed reports.

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