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Create Bespoke Intelligent Workflows and Holistic Experiences for Employees & Customers

Nearly every business wants to understand their customers better and improve customer service and brand loyalty while controlling costs. But actually, it's easier said than done. Uncoordinated silos without a proper integrated operational improvement program often result in severe failure.

MOURI Tech's Business Process Services can help you optimize your enterprise processes and provide compelling customer experiences at an optimal offer. Our next-generation power-packed operating models combine digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and process expertise in an integrated, well-sequenced way to achieve significant improvements in customer experience, revenue, and cost control.

Cross-functional Business Process Services

Improved team capabilities

Customer Experience

We help integrate the organization's focus on customer journeys and internal processes through innovative advisory, technology, and workforce capabilities and deliver unparalleled customer services.
Improved rate of compliance

Human Resource

Complete HCM solutions that include a range of HR services from Onboarding, Performance Management, Goal Setting and Recruitment to Succession Planning and Analytics along with core HR activities.
Improve service quality

Procurement and Supply Chain

Our experts can optimize your supply chain and make it more transparent and resilient in the highly volatile market.
Accuracy with speed

Accounting and Finance

A comprehensive suite of customized services that help clients transform their financial functions in a digitally powered environment to amplify efficiency and compliance.
Better customer experience

Engineering Services

Leveraging Computer-aided design and manufacturing, Geographic information system (GIS), and product design engineering tools plugged with MOURI Tech proprietary framework, we offer services to solve your complex business scenarios.
RPA Implementation

Data Services

We offer a wide range of data-oriented services, including data annotation, data analytics, and enterprise digitization to enable businesses transform raw data into meaningful form that AI/ML algorithms can process and deliver improved business results.

Accelerate, transform and gain business value through MOURI Tech's delivery excellence, risk management and innovative models.

Industry-Specific Business Process Services



We provide the right mix of consulting, implementation, and managed services through a blend of people, processes, and supporting technologies and meet each insurer's unique needs.
SAP Functional


From stock delivery through better supply planning or reducing shipment costs through effective logistics management, we provide tailor-made services that help drive value across enterprises.
SAP User Experience


We offer intelligent services and help clients better understand the day-to-day patterns and needs of the people they care for.
Cloud Solutions


With technology, we help companies streamline processes, eliminate waste, and foster a continuous improvement culture and become lean.
SAP Basis and Security


Scale up your service-based industry with proper systems and processes. We help you innovate new realities of business while maintaining standard operating procedures and processes to fulfill your service.

MOURI Tech AI Enabled Digital Accelerators

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Combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract and organize information from any document format.
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Through AI, we use a combination of time-series analysis, predictive analysis, and anomaly detection to conduct fraud detection and management.
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AI enables digital devices to identify and process objects in images and videos, just like humans do. With the help of AI, we enable digital devices to analyze and categorize images at the edge and bring in quality improvements in processes in real-time.
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Our digital assistants, the AI-Powered chatbots, provide human touch conversations through Natural Language Processing and bring humans into the loop for verifications and higher-level escalations, offering a very satisfying customer experience.
Accuracy with speed


Secure intelligent virtual HR assistant to handhold employees with their frequent work and workplace transactions.
Upgrade and Support


An enterprise rules engine that acts as a central repository for all business rules written once and deployed everywhere for local execution.
Retail store management

MOURI Translate

An intuitive UI based translation tool that manages translations of texts for global ERP solutions.

MOURI Tech Value Proposition

Exhaustive experience in providing the right sourcing solutions in the right situation
Involved in critical engagements like automation, domain-specific big data, analytics, and other new-age projects
Focus on ensuring consistency, strong governance, and data security standards
AI-powered digital workforce provides endless services to accelerate digital transformation
Cross-functional team of experts to take on end-to-end responsibilities
Expertise in driving business transformation & innovation.

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