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Intensifying digital transformations

Today’s communications service providers (CSPs) need higher quality services and better customer experience, MOURI Tech has one-stop smart solutions to implement the same. Telco are gaining opportunities by leveraging the vast amounts of data collected over the years from their massive customer bases. This data is gleaned from devices, networks, mobile applications, geolocation, detailed customer profiles, service usage and billing data.

Telco are also harnessing the power of smart technology to process and analyse these huge volumes of Big Data in order to extract actionable insights to provide better customer experience, improve operations, and increase revenue through new products and services, network optimization, preventive maintenance, virtual assistants, robotic process automation (RPA) which deliver tangible business results.

Process automation
Sales and customer service modernization
Enterprise applications
Cloud solution
Digital transformation
Data and analytics

Case Studies

Intensifying digital transformations1

North America’s leading Telecom giant relies on MOURI Tech to build their E Wallet for its customers

Intensifying digital transformations2

North America’s leading Telecom client strategically choses MOURI Tech for its Servicenow enhancements and integrations

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