Yoga for a Holistic Life

Yoga is a way of life. It is a medium of self-transformation. The eventual goal is spiritual liberation and possible attainment of enlightenment. Yoga is the art of healthy living and focuses on harmonizing the mind and body. Yoga is popular amongst the masses for the various sets of physical exercises that have a calming […]

National Reading Day Reading in the Digital Age

National Reading Day: Reading in the Digital world

A famous Anton Chekhov story has a young, boisterous lawyer self-imprisoned to win a bet of two million rubles and spends fifteen years in solitary confinement! He achieves this impossible task with the help of books. He reads incessantly, voraciously, and variously. At the end, he goes as a free man, full of the most […]

World Oceans’ Day – Protecting Nature’s Powerhouse

World Oceans’ Day – Protecting Nature’s Powerhouse Oceans are scientifically magnetic and philosophically mysterious. World Oceans Day (WOD), celebrated annually on June 8, helps us reflect on the abundance of Poseidon’s realm. United Nations (UN) has exclusively set aside the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 14 as the ‘Convention on the Law of the Sea’, […]

World Environment Day – Only One Earth of a Promising Future!

The Daunting Growth Curve Since the Industrial Revolution, the earth has gained material wealth but diminished in pristine glory. Agencies of the United Nations (UN) have been striving to protect and preserve natural resources. However, the challenge now, is more daunting than before, as millions of humans are added every year to be fed provided […]