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Business and IT process transformation are happening due to various factors, be it globalization or technology advancement or compliance. Such a competitive landscape demands one key thing that remains constant throughout the business cycle and it is quality delivery.

MOURI Tech-consultants help customers stay competitive, by keeping their quality quotient higher. Our range of testing and quality engineering services and solutions for your industry are well tested and trusted. With our specific testing center of excellence, where we leverage leading technology supplier’s tools and our best-in-class testing methodologies to help our customers drive value.

Test Advisory

Test Advisory & Consulting

Metrics driven framework, Standard processes, resource optimization, adherence to regulatory compliance sustaining the business reputation resulting in improved returns on investments
Testing COE

Testing COE Set up

Standardized processes and workflows, enabling governance framework, focus on near-zero-defect scenarios, repository management and resource management
Test Quality Measures

Test Quality Measures

Metrics and dashboards, effective strategy and planning, risk analysis, cyclomatic complexity, adopting best practices in each stage of test life cycle

Get that competitive edge in the market
MOURI Tech’s Intelligent QE equipped with AI and automation

Test Automation

Test Automation

Test automation improves in lowering regression time and reduce the time to market with substantial cost savings on a long-term basis
WorkSoft Automation

WorkSoft Automation

Power of Worksoft automation with MOURI Tech’s deep expertise in leading packaged solutions like SAP for a diverse industry scenario
Specialized Testing

Specialized Testing

Emerging technologies such as robotic process automation, digital transformation services and ERP, CRM etc. help mitigate current testing challenges

Expertise in Testing Tools

Case Studies

Leading Organization from USA Leverages

Leading organization from USA leverages test automation services from MOURI Tech

Quality Services from MOURI Tech

Quality services from MOURI Tech helped manufacturing company to reduce time to market

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