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Row Level Security in Salesforce EA


We are discussing about determine and Implement Row Level Security in Salesforce EA


If row-level security is not applied to a dataset or object, any user that has access to the object can view all records in the object.


Data visibility in Einstein Analytics can be controlled by using Security Predicates.

Security Predicates can apply row level filter on the data based on the log in user’s role in the Salesforce org.

A log in user can have visibility to records that their own and the people below their role hierarchy in the organisation.

For example, by using security predicates, it can be applied to manager field in user object in salesforce org. In this scenario, logged in user would be able to view their own records and the records who reports to them in the manager hierarchy.

Einstein Analytics Security:


  •  Role level Hierarchy must have at least two role levels.
  •   Users must assign a Role.
  • Each level in hierarchy must have at least assigned one User.
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8 months ago

Thank you for sharing your blog, seems to be useful information can’t wait to dig deep!