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The transformation of Entertainment and Media industry in terms of technology and applications has led to global entertainment, offering innovative content and effective distribution models to stay ahead in the highly competitive market. The industry is significantly benefitted by digital tools and platforms which urge to provide high-quality content and offer enhanced user experience in terms of content discovery and attractive prices. The main verticals of this market are segmented into books and magazines, films and theatrical, social media, music, animation, video games, outdoor advertising, radio and broadcasting, amusement park/facilities, sports, toys and art. Smart and connected devices are the key drivers which increased the adoption of the internet.

MOURI Tech analyzes the market for our customers while creating magic on the screens. We use advanced analytics to constantly monitor our customer market and provide them with data-driven decisions. We are with our customers in designing customer-focused programs to drive customer-focused marketing campaigns.

Pilot New Age of Media With the Power of AI and Advanced Analytics

Video Games and Animation

There has been a rapid growth in consumer spending in the digital and mobile games segments, which drives the market rapidly.
MOURI Tech with its advanced AR/VR technologies develops interactive content-based video games based on the storyline and themed events.
With our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, we make innovations that play a success factor in the video gaming business.
Our SMEs in deep learning turn the unstructured data into meaningful user information and provide unique insights for better customer engagements.


At MOURI Tech, we help our customers with technology transformation in the areas of of digital printing, email marketing, e-books, social media, mobility, IoT and data analytics, paving the way for publishing and media business to grow profits.
MOURI Tech’s customized solutions help in creating stronger relationships with customers, which helps in improving the sales of our customers.
We simplify the process which involves numerous people playing various roles for various elements of the project’s success.
We offer customized services in cloud and customer service capabilities to receive inquiries and complaints from wholesalers and individual customers.


MOURI Tech takes advantage of online advertising to provide extensive coverage for a larger group of audience.
We provide cost-effective advertising strategies and enable marketers to provide as much information as they want online.
With our unique and efficient use of audio and visual effects, we help the marketers to create a strong impact on their audience.

How can MOURI Tech help you?

We help our customers to stay ahead of the market by providing insights on the global media & entertainment market. We provide services in broadcasting, publishing and entertainment.
Our experts can build a system for publishers to view project plans, manage stakeholders, their rights and collaborations across multiple departments.
We build a vision for automation transformation strategy and focus on providing strategic goals as well as operational levers.
We develop applications that are compatible with all smart devices.

Case Studies

Manage your digital workflows, your way.2

Global leader in media technology solutions and innovators partners with MOURI Tech for its dashboards and reporting solutions

Manage your digital workflows, your way.3

USA based media company adopts innovative digital workflow solution for improved productivity

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