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Automation with next generation ERP

Markets are changing and to stay ahead you need to be ensuring that you have latest tools to support your business functions. Modern ERP (enterprise resource planning) can transform the business processes to become compliant, end-to-end, and integrated.
MOURI Tech, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner having years of experience in implementing and supporting ERP system for global organizations; helps its customers achieve this transformation hassle free.

MS Dynamics 365 for Finance

MS Dynamics 365 for Finance

Decrease financial complexities
Monitor performance in real time
Make data-driven decisions
MS Dynamics 365 Operation

MS Dynamics 365 Operation

Automate your manufacturing and supply chain
Leverage artificial intelligence (AI)
Stay ahead on competition
MS Dynamics 365 Sales

MS Dynamics 365 Sales

Get single view of customer
Achieve results with better insights
Improve productivity and performance
MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

Improved lead management
Enhanced customer experience
Get trendy with changing market scenarios

MS Dynamics 365 Business central

Cloud based business management solution for SME

Get end-to-end view of your business
Sell smarter and improve services
Guide employees to optimal outcomes
Make informed and quicker business decisions

Dynamics 365: Bring intelligent business applications to your business and start delivering insightful, predictive business results

Gold Microsfot partner
Customer contract creation in ERP

Global leader in chemicals automates its customer contract creation in ERP

Logistics firm

US based leading logistics firm aligns its business processes by enabling enterprise software

Manufacturing giant refreshes its mobility and enterprise portal solutions

Manufacturing giant refreshes its mobility and enterprise portal solutions

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