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Gain Competitive Edge in Business Productivity and Innovation
via Data-Driven Analysis

Enterprises are data-driven and require insights gathered from numerous sources of information. MOURI Tech’s cognitive search and analysis powered by Sinequa helps speed up innovation, productivity and makes the business scalable and agile. It combines all enterprise data in every format and language into business information that is precise, pertinent, safe, and easily usable.

Power your Enterprise Search with Sinequa

Gain Competitive Edge in Business Productivity and Innovation1

Cognitive Search - MOURI Tech Offerings

Empower Your Workforce and Enhance Productivity

Advisory Services

Strategies to build enterprise search platforms on-premise and on the cloud and a roadmap to make data readily available for search and provide additional insights

Search Automation & 360◦ Dashboard

Automated alerts and indexing pipeline to remove manual efforts and combining data from various sources for consolidated insights

Building Search Platform

Expertise in defining job roles and responsibilities necessary to operate in modern cloud platforms for data & Artificial intelligence

Roadmap & Strategy

Proven data platform & AI roadmaps customized to accelerate your goals and drive a clear search strategy

Design Thinking Workshop

Facilitation with industry experts to stimulate search model, identify and prioritize industry-specific use cases to drive clear business value

Readiness Assessment

Complimentary search kit that will assist in objectively determining organizational readiness to embark on data & Search journey on cloud


MOURI Tech Differentiators

Enhanced Solution to Increase Organizational Productivity

Enterprise Search Tools - MOURI Tech Expertise

Taxonomy Tools

Rapid Integration for Enhanced Search

Gain Competitive Edge in Business Productivity and Innovation2 via Data-Driven Analysis

Enabling Improved Data Management with Enterprise Search

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


Gain Competitive Edge in Business Productivity and Innovation3

Implemented enterprise search and helped a pharma giant attain reduced time-to-market for new drugs

Gain Competitive Edge in Business Productivity and Innovation4
Enabling manufacturing companies with intelligent search for smarter insights, improved productivity and cost reduction

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