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TransPoint - Microsoft SharePoint Migration Accelerator

As organizations continue to leverage the work-from-anywhere concept in this new normal, it is evident to enable a collaborative IT environment. Enterprises well recognized the need for migration from their legacy systems to Microsoft SharePoint.

MOURI Tech has collection of tools and accelerators to empower organizations on digital transformation journey. MOURI TransPoint is a SharePoint migration tool that facilitates business content/data migration to a secured SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365 platform and allows users to make informed business decisions.

Content/Data Migration Powered by MOURI TransPoint

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Discover & Analyze

  • Discovery and analysis of data sources, content, and users' permission inventory
  • Helps determine active content that drives collaborative workflows and meets strict security/compliance requirements
  • Facilitates analysis of user creation, folder structure, and user permissions


Plan & Process

  • Allows for crucial collaboration with business stakeholders
  • Helps map processes and workflows, identify opportunities for improvement, and essential application integrations
  • Enables development of project plan and timeline through information evaluation


Migrate & Test

  • Facilitates seamless functioning of the new SharePoint site before the old system gets decommissioned
  • Archives data and generates a final report after migration


Retire & Archive

  • Ensures the migration takes off with the most up-to-date information, content, and data since the initial assessment
  • Runs data integrity checks, log analysis for error mitigation and validates the performance

Expedite Your Digital Transformation

Leverage MOURI TransPoint for Efficient Transition
Easy to use and helps optimize value & cost
Mitigates risks in the areas of information governance, compliance, modernization and security
Quick migration tool to transform inefficient, old, costly, and complex systems
Can generate migration reports, better visibility for the stakeholders

Case Studies

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