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What is the use of ABAP Dataflow in SAP BODS

ABAP Dataflow needed when there is a huge amount of data in the Source tables. When we are loading the huge amount of data from Source to Destination job will be failed. To overcome the error we need to use ABAP dataflow In SAP BODS.

In SAP BODS there is a process to create a Job like shown below.

1.We need to create a batch job under any project.

2.Then create a Workflow under the Job. After we need to create a Dataflow under Workflow.

3.After Creating the Dataflow, We need to do transformations by importing the tables from the Source.
When there is a small amount of data no need to create the ABAP dataflow. If there is a huge amount of data we need to create the ABAP dataflow. Creation of ABAP dataflow shown in below.

First we have to select Dataflow section in the “Local Object Library”.

Then Right click on ABAP Dataflows and click on “New”

We need to give a naming for some fields in Properties window like shown below.

Need to select Datastore and give the naming for all the fields and click on “Apply & Ok” like shown below.

No need to set Attributes and Class Attributes in the Properties window.
After the creation of an ABAP Dataflow , Go to the corresponding job and open the dataflow then drag the ABAP Dataflow here.

Then we need to open the ABAP Dataflow and drag the required Source tables and apply the transformations over there and after we need to set the Data Transport as a Target in the ABAP Dataflow.

As per the requirement the data is splitting in to the multiple files.

If the Job needs to trigger through Process Chains we need to generate an ABAP code.

After generating the ABAP Code in SAP BODS we need to write a program in the Source system . If the Source system is SAP BW we need to write a program in the SAP BW by using that generated code.

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