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To achieve the best possible search engine ranking

SEO is the science of customizing elements of your site to achieve the best possible search engine ranking. Both internal and external elements of the site affect the way it’s ranked in any given search Engine. So, all of these elements should be taken into consideration. Good SEO can be very difficult to achieve and great SEO seems pretty well impossible at times.

But why is SEO so important? Think of it this way. If you are standing in a crowd of thousands of peoples and someone is looking for you, how will they find you? It is a very difficult task but now suppose there is some system that separates a group of people. Maybe if you are a woman you are wearing red and if you are a man you are wearing blue. Now anyone looking for you will have to look through only half of the people in a crowd.

You can further narrow the group of people to be searched by adding additional differentiators until you have a small enough group that a search query can be executed and the desired person can be easily found. Your website is much like that one person in the huge crowd. In the larger picture, your site is nearly invisible, even to the search engines that send crawlers out to catalog the web. To get your site noticed, even by the crawlers, certain elements must stand out. And that’s why you need SEO.

There are mainly two types of SEO as:

1.On-page Optimization

On-page Optimization is the method of modification of various elements in a Web page such as keyword density, URL, title, Meta tag, heading so that search engine spiders could easily trace the Web pages. In this article, Seo reveals the concept of on-page optimization and its importance in achieving organic SEO.The objective of on-page optimization is just to make web pages relevant to the search engine so that search engine spiders may find each webpage quickly but it never guarantees search engine ranking. However, off-page optimization is done with the aim of securing good search engine ranking and this process is effective when a web page is well-optimized on-page. Achieving organic SEO is a very difficult and time-consuming process but it is helpful to improve site ranking in SERPs.On-page optimization consists of six important factors which are mentioned below as:1.Title Tag Optimization2.Meta Tag Optimization3.Heading Tag Optimization4.Alt Tag Optimization5.Content Optimization6.Web Content Writing

2.Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is an effective part of search engine optimization and it is done with the aim of achieving good search engine ranking and increase traffic to the website.Off-page and on-page optimization is in great coherence with each other because off-page optimization is effective only if a Web page is well-optimized on-page. Some of the vital off-page optimization techniques are as follows:1. Link Building2. Forum Posting3. Article Submission4. Directory Submission

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