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Send Data to the Excel Sheet using MIT App Inventor

What is MIT App Inventor?

  • App Inventor is an open source web application which provides web based editor for building mobile phones applications targeting Android and iOS operating system.
  • Block based programming language is used by dragging and dropping components into a design view and using a visual blocks language to program application behavior.

 Overview of App Inventor 

In this application, user interface includes two main editors: Design Editor

Block Editor

Design Editor:User can drag and drop the components out from the palette(left side) to the viewer(center) to add them to application. Inventor can change the properties of the components(right side) and components screen and media are also displayed in the right center.

Block Editor:It is an environment in which app inventors can visually lay out the logic of their apps using color-coded blocks that snap together like puzzle pieces to describe the program. Build in functions are used to accept an input and produce an output.

How to build an App using mit app inventor?

Step 1: Create a new project by following the below steps
  • Open MIT App inventor( )in the browser  and click on create app button. The next window will ask you to sign in with your credentials. After successful signin the application will be displayed.
  •  Go to My Projects->Start new project->Project name and click on ok button. Now project is successfully created with the name Exceldata.
Step 2:Designing and Creating components in Screen1
  • Drag and drop the Horizontal arrangement from layout and Labels, Text boxes, Buttons, List view, Notifier from user interface. File from storage in order to store the data.
  • Rename the components in the properties
  • Take three labels as ID, Name and Department.
  • Take three Text boxes and leave it as empty.
  • Take List view and fix the text size, background color to place a list of text elements.
  • Take two buttons as Save and Read and set colors to them.
  • Notifier component displays alert messages.
Fig:Components added in the screen
Fig:Designer screen

Step 3:Create a logic for the above design in block editor

Step4:Download .apk file
  • Click on build->save .apk file in the computer and share  .apk file to Android phone.
  • Install .apk file in Android phone and now the app is  ready.
 Step5: Run the App in mobile
  • Enter ID, Name and Description.
  • Click on save button -the data will be saved in datafile.
  • Click on Read button-the data will be displayed on the screen.
  • The data which is saved in datafile will be transferred to Excel sheet.
Fig:Data saved in csv format

Conclusion: In this post we have seen how to build an app using MIT App inventor. It is an online development platform that anyone can leverage to solve real-world problems. Hope you liked it.

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9 months ago

What data was being saved? Or was this code only for transfering existing data to a csv file?

9 months ago

What data was being saved? Did this code convert pre accuired data to a csv file?