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Technical Monitoring Cockpit – SAP Monitoring Tool


Technical Monitoring Cockpit (TMC) is used for quick analysis to find issues in SAP application and database. It is a new monitoring and analysis tool for SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver products. TMC brings new look and feel to an administrator in terms of analysis to get new features, adapts Fiori Launchpad and gets full coverage of technology stack like SAP application, DB and host.

There are different monitoring tools available in SAP, but TMC will display analysis in a single screen for different layers in SAP. Moreover it saves SAP administrator the time to find the root cause analysis of any issue.

Usage of TMC

  • Monitoring of SAP NetWeaver ABAP systems, database and host.
  • Analysis can be obtained in the Launchpad.
  • Useful for system performance analysis.
  • DBA Cockpit will display the configuration changes which include details about the type of configuration change, the object details and whether the configuration was changed automatically or manually with time stamp.

Pre-Requisites to implement TMC

  • Supported databases – SAP HANA 1.0 revision 90 or higher, MSSQL 2012 or higher, Oracle DB 11.2 or higher, SAP Sybase 15.7 or higher and DB2.
  • Supported OS – AIX, Windows NT and Linux.
  • SAP Host agent – 7.21 or higher.
  • Implement the corrections attached to SAP Note 2372351, if applicable.

Setting Up the Technical Monitoring Cockpit

More information can be obtained from SAP note 2363024.

Below are the reference screenshots, which are the highlights of TMC.

SAP Application analysis:

Database Analysis:

Disk space usage:

CPU utilization:

Advantages of TMC

  • Additional hardware is not required.
  • No additional costs are involved.

Other Monitoring Tools Supporting SAP Platform

  • HANA cockpit
  • Technical monitoring setup using SAP solution manager

Contact for further details

M Chandrasekhara Reddy
Technology Specialist – SAP Basis & Security

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