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SAP Smart Business

SAP Smart Business is a framework for visualizing analytic content of Key Performance indicator (KPI) or Operational Performance Indicator (OPI) in the form of analytical Fiori tiles and interactive full-screen dashboard supporting quick insights to take any effective decision.

What is a KPI?

Key performance indicator (KPI) is a type of performance measurement that measures the success or failure of an individual or activity in a given organization. It can also be considered as a compass that indicates whether you are on the right track or deviating from reaching your business´s objectives.

Checking KPIs daily can be an approach for managers to steer their business based on key figures. If there´s Real-time data available, managers do not have to wait for their monthly report from the controlling department anymore but can step in dynamically when interventions are needed.

How SAP Smart Business works?

Let us assume KPI is visualized as charts, as shown in the above figure. By creating KPIs our application is under continuous monitoring. Whenever business exceeds or does not meet the threshold values, alert system will be activated and sends an alert through email to the top level management, enabling them to view the KPI analysis, thereby taking necessary steps.

Smart BusinessCapabilities

Smart Business Modeler Apps:

SAP smart business service provides a rich and user-friendly UI called Smart Business Modeler Apps. With the help of these apps we can easily define KPI using annotation-based OData service, tiles, and drill-downs.

KPI Alerts:

We can configure a threshold value while evaluating a KPI. A well-configured alert will make sure that alerts are sent to the appropriate people in the Organization in the event of KPI threshold value deviations. This helps the Organization to ensure that there is adequate time to take corrective actions.

Embedded Analytics:

Using Embedded Analytics, it is possible to embed smart business runtime artifactsin customer apps, making both transactional and analytics data visible in a single page.

Integration with Overview Pages:

The overview page (OVP) is a floor plan that provides all the information required by a user in a single page. While working with OVP applications we can use existing KPI, evaluation and associated drilldowns.

Integration with Analytical List Page (ALP):

ALP allows you to view related KPI as micro tiles in the header area of the application which makes easy drill down navigations.

Integration with Analysis Path Framework (APF):

Analysis Path Framework (APF) based apps empower business users to deep dive into data iteratively by developing analysis paths containing an order of analysis steps. When the selection is made within a step of an analysis path it takes effect in all successive analysis steps. 

Business Value


By using alerting feature a better monitoring of KPI can be done and whenever there is breach of KPI threshold email notification will be sent to top level managers so that they can take business strategic decisions quickly.

Analytics with Zero Coding:

KPIs and OPIs can be visualized as SAP Fiori Tiles and as Full screen dashboard applications without writing any code in UI which reduces developer cost and time.

User friendly:

Empowering the business user for define KPI and give it users as analytical content.

Turns Data into Insight

A perfect approach when it comes to analysing data without knowing in advance what exactly you are looking for.  

Avoid Delayed Insights:

Insights are live on Mobile at all times with strong collaboration and data visualization features.

Increased Productivity:

Enhanced productivity of the resource by process automation.


Clear next action steps to be taken.

MOURI Tech’s SAP Team has rich experience in recommending the apt solution to suit the customer’s business needs and adding value to the business using Smart Business.

Contact for further details

Srinivasa Rao Gadilli
Team Lead – ERP SAP Technical

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