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Process automation results in higher productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance and also can reduce operating costs. To increase operational efficiency and boost business agility, SAP has introduced a tool called LaMa.

SAP Landscape Management (SAP LaMa) is a powerful landscape administration solution that helps businesses reduce their cost of operations and increase their business agility through:

  • Automation of repetitive, time consuming system administration tasks
  • Centralized landscape management, operations and visibility
  • Acceleration of fundamental business application lifecycle operations

SAP Landscape Management complements SAP Solution Manager by providing insights into the whole stack, including application, virtualization layer, storage, operating system, and network.

Source: SAP Landscape Management Roadmap []

Key Capabilities:

A Basis administrator has to perform activities such as system copy, system refresh, HANA replication, single system and mass operations like starting and stopping etc. on a frequent basis. Presence of a big landscape takes more time and requires huge man power.

The LaMa tool automates all the above and provides single step solution, supporting many activities such as:

  • SAP system copy, clone, refresh and rename framework
  • SAP HANA replication and processes
  • End-to-end monitoring of SAP systems and infrastructure
  • Visualization of the entire system landscape
  • Intersystem dependency framework
  • Normal operations like starting and stopping application and database
  • Relocating systems from one host to another
  • Scheduling operation and provisioning templates
  • Application server and Diagnostics Agent installation and uninstallation

Additional features and capabilities:

  • Enhanced user experience based on SAP UI5, dashboard and landscape visualization
  • Automatic sync between two SAP LaMa Systems for high availability systems
  • Features automated system refresh procedure for SAP HANA using backup and restore (Earlier after refresh, basis administrator had to perform few steps before handover to business)
  • Supports nZDM (Near Zero Down Time) and automated procedure for HANA Failback
  • Also supports OS updates, HANA upgrade and H/W maintenance

The below screenshot represents how LaMa Webpage appears, when it is launched.

A customer always expects an easy way to manage, operate and transform (for example – on premise to hybrid or cloud) their SAP environments. LaMa tool is very easy to operate on SAP environment and it support UI5. Everything can be performed on the browser itself.

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VenkataSai Chillamcherla
Technical Analyst

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