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SAP EHSM – Incident Management & Email Notifications

What is SAP EHSM?

SAP EHSM mitigates environment, health, and safety (EHS) risks by implementing comprehensive risk assessment for safe work practices. The EHSM software from SAP mainly comprises of details about the management of employees’ safety, health, industrial hygiene, and occupational health processes at different work locations such as site, factory etc. EHSM Incident management is mainly used to collect the data for the incident created and to track the financial impact on the organization.

Pre-requisite: The users must have appropriate roles to create the incident and the manager who approves must possess the role of the Incident Manager.

Incident Management process:

  • User has to login to the EHSM portal and create an incident with the details mentioned below and then click on any of the services to be created.
  • Enter the details as shown below (Details of person injured needs to be maintained) and click on ‘Send’.
  • As per the standard SAP process for EHSM, the email is only sent to the managers who have the appropriate roles. However, as an additional functionality, we have enhanced the standard workflow to custom and we have incorporated the new design where the email notifications are sent to the injured person and his manager.
  • As soon as the email is triggered, go to ‘SOST’ and check notifications for the injured person and his manager.

Configuration steps:

Go to SWE2 (Event linkage) – In this step, WS00500001 (standard workflow) is deactivated and WS99900054 copied from the standard workflow is activated accordingly as shown below.

Technical design approach:

  • Copying standard workflow and creation of custom tasks is not a part of these topics. However, below is the comparison screen where the custom tasks are added to trigger an email in the workflow design.
  • To fetch the injured person and his manager’s details, a custom class is created under Task (Get details of the injured person). Whenever a new incident is created in EHSM, the system generates a standard GUID with a parent and child relationship to fetch the data from the appropriate tables.
  • EHHSSD_INC_PINV is a standard table – parent GUID that comes from the workflow container. It has to be passed to the table to fetch the injured person details (Email & Personal number).
  • By using the personal number of the injured person, SAP has provided various function modules to determine employee manager SWX_GET_MANAGER.
  • To send notifications we must construct Subject/Mail content body preparation/Receivers.
  • Using CL_BCS class, the above parameters are built accordingly and email is sent to the manager.

Using the above process in any of the workflows, we can send notifications to the manager’s external email so that they don’t miss the deadlines on the approval process. Especially in EHSM where all the standard workflows are defined, there is no such implementation done with this approach.

Contact for further details

Ravi Chandra Bandla
Sr. Technology Specialist – ERP SAP Technical

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