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Offer bot is a computer program based on artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods by offering product offers to customers based on customer browsing and credit pattern. These programs are designed to convey message/offers to customer by identified customer needs based on customer browsing and location preferences. Bots have become buzz and are the new flavor of the season in the mobile and web application ecosystem.

Market leaders like Microsoft, Amazon and Flipkart are already using bots (offer bots) to give best browsing experience to their customers based on customer browsing patterns on their respective portal. Offer bots are going to play key role in Mobile & web applications for domains like Banking, Retail and Food industry. They feature by automating most of the current human engagements in closing the offer with customer by suggesting right and best product to customer based on their browsing experience.

How does an Offer bot work???

Offer bots will be built with the concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) which are being considered as future for Mobile and Web application development.

There are essentially three phases in the development of an offer bot, which are as follows:

  1. Analyze
  2. Train
  3. Offer

Analyze: In analyze phase, customer browsing experience will be captured through click streams and will be analyzed using build patterns to find out customer current needs and requirements.

For instance, Mr. Venugopal browsed in “bank bazar” for a Home loan and then he browsed few properties on “99acres” and “Magic Bricks” apps. Similarly, another customer Ms. Navya browsed for some goods at “First Cry” and “Flipkart” for her kid.

Here for Venugopal and Navya current requirements will be identified as “Home Loan”, “Properties” and “Kids items”.

These details along with their browsing patterns will be shared with respective vendors. Vendors will further check their credit score based on their previous purchase history and finalize the suitable offering.

Train: During Train phase, bots will be trained with the customer’s needs and browsing experience. They will be made to finalize the appropriate products and offers to the customer.

Offer: During offer phase, Offer bots connects to the customer via email, SMS and social media and publishes offers to the customer.

The program will be built using Python/Java and AI/ML concepts and is ensured to take care of the running of all three phases continuously until the customer’s requirements are met.

Use case:

Banking Rewards app – Most of the reputed banks use offer bot concept to offer real time offers in dining, shopping, travelling and so on based on their location and browsing experience for their credit card holders.

To deliver better customer experience, implementation or integration of Offerbots can be easily done by MOURI Tech.

For instance, we can integrate Offer bot concept in our application VTS (Citizens parking iOS app). For the customers who use our app frequently, we can offer low parking price or some free parking slots or cashback offers, so as to increase the scope of app usage.

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Navya Bharathi Kodali
Technology Specialist

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