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New Functionalities With GRC 12.0

SAP has come up with the latest version of GRC 12.0 SP01. In this document I am going to highlight some of the major points that have come up with this upgrade.

The biggest change in this version is the look and feel to enhance User Experience.

  • SAP GRC will have a Fiori like front end (users can still keep on using NW if preferable)
  • GRC 12.0 Navigation is based on SAP Pesonas, For better navigation, Classic screens are replaced with simpler screens and to enhance data quality.
  • Updated architechture for GRC Access Control 12.0 (Figure: 1).
(Figure: 1) SAP GRC 12.0 Access Control Architecture Overview.



  • Can run risk analysis for FIORI, new FIORI rule set — Rule set for risk analysis integration with Fiori Apps on S/4HANA On-premise systems.
  • GRC 12.0 now allows to use on Mobile devices as it is SAP Persona based personalisation application.
  • Integration with cloud platforms and new SAP products like SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, Success Factors and S/4HANA cloud. The above can be achieved with IAG, which connects as a bridge with all cloud based applications (SF, S/4HANA, Ariba, etc.)

IAG(SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance)

New Parameters related to IAG 1090, 1091 & 1092 were introduced.

(Figure: 2) IAG Parameters 1090, 1091 & 1092.
  • SAP Cloud IDM is integrated with SAP Access Control: Access analysis service enables customers to connect to cloud applications from on-premise SAP Access Control to bring those cloud applications under the access governance umbrella. It enables users of the access control on-premise solution to leverage the capabilities of the cloud access analysis service.
  • Integration with Employee Central Payroll system (Refer 2167337)
  • Based on the User preferences SAP will be Improvising Existing Fiori Apps & will be launching new SAP Fiori apps.
  • Extended EAM functionalities in to HANA
  • MASS ROLE METHODOLOGY UPDATE – Reapply role methodology for multiple roles at a time, As previous versions do not have an option for Mass update of Role Methodology.

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Sandeep Voruganti
SAP Security Consultant

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