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Informatica Cloud Accelerator – Updating Service Connection Details In Data Integration

Now-a-days, automation of work is on the rise, leading to reduction in the manual efforts by a great deal. As this is growing rapidly, everybody is on the lookout for automation solutions to reduce human intervention and to avoid the manual errors.

Informatica cloud has a wide range of connectivity with almost of all applications and data bases. As the connectors in informatica cloud are increasing day by day, maintaining sensitive information such as username, password, host, security token and so on which depends on the type of connection will become more complex.

With the increasing security threats, organizations are considering password rotations to be the best approach for data security. Huge number of connectors are being available in informatica cloud and the password rotation system is challenging for the admin team, as it is a very lengthy and manual process.

To avoid this manual process, we at MOURI Tech propose the automation of passwords rotation as an ultimate solution to reduce the time taken to update all the connections and minimize the human errors.

Fig 1: Manual process of updating the connection properties
Fig 2: Informatica cloud administrator services for modification of connections

How does the automation process work?

We have developed an out-of-the-box solution, which obtains the information such as the type of application and properties that need to be updated in the informatica cloud connectors from the administrator, which will be used to login to the particular environment and the necessary changes are applied to the respective connector. We are going to maintain a configuration file with properties. Based on the details provided by the administrator who is trying to update the properties, the process will check the application details in the configuration file and prepares the pay load, which is going to be used further in the process of updating.

Which connectors get benefited?

With the help of Informatica cloud accelerator, we can update properties of Salesforce, Oracle, Sql Server, FTP, SFTP and RestV2 connectors without any manual intervention. The accelerator will automatically prepare the payload based on the type of connector and properties supplied by the administrator.

How will this accelerator work in any organization?

We can easily import this accelerator in any of the informatica cloud accounts. By updating the login details with the organization’s credentials, we can start updating of the connectors mentioned earlier.

Fig 3: Automation approach

What are the advantages with this approach?

Avoiding manual login to the application

Generally, to update any property of the informatica cloud connector, one needs to login to the application and select the connection to modify it. This being a manual process, there is a fair chance of modifying the wrong connections or wrong property by accident, which may lead to failure of the jobs which are using these connections.

To avoid these kinds of mishaps, our approach will help in automating this mechanism without any manual login attempt.

Reducing the time taken

The regular process will take huge amount of time to find the type of connections to be updated and the properties to be changed. If there are lot of connections of the same type to update, it consumes a lot of time to finish the process.

With the help of automation approach, it will find all the connections which need to be updated at once and will perform the updating process quickly and effectively. This is roughly 80% faster when compared to manual process.


As the number of connectors in informatica cloud is rapidly increasing, automating the password rotations, and modifying any other connection properties is the best approach. It is also faster when compared to the traditional manual approach. This approach thus saves an ample amount of time and has almost no scope for manual errors.

Contact for further details

Seshaseyana Reddy Pereddy
Associate Team Lead – Data Engineering

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