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Identity Access Management (IAM) And Its Benefits

Typically, whenever a resource is on-boarded in an organization, Human Resources team communicates with respective teams to get the all type of access like system access, door access and application permission to complete his/her day-to-day tasks. We should follow the similar process for employee transfer/termination. In this process there is a lot of manual work involved and there would a chance of typographical errors and there is a chance the work to be delayed. There would be security threat if they do not remove the access on time for a terminated resource. Currently, security is a major concern in any business environment. We should control access to minimize the unauthorized access to physical and logical systems. Through the Identity Access Management (IAM), we will be able to provide the access to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

Benefits of IAM

1. Centralization of Access:

Single sign-on (SSO) eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords to access various applications. We can see the user access for all environments at once place. User/Resource can see the access for what they have and can raise a request for new system access.

2. Reduces the IT Cost and Productivity:

The genuine help of SSO is IT Department can reduce the cost of internal help desks helping users locked out of their application accounts. We can provide the access to the users based on their shift hours and they will not be able to access the system out of their respective shift hours.

3. Enforce Compliance:

Keeps prevention and detection controls in place to ensure access is within corporate policy at all times.

4. Allows Easy Access:

IAM/SSO allows users to access all the systems within the network, regardless of where the user location is. It is one of the major requirements for Global organizations, providing ease of access to employees, partner and clients in the same way.

5. User Access Review and Reporting:

With the help IAM tool we are able to do the User Access Reviews as per the organization’s compliance policy and removes the system access based on the reviewer’s decision.

6. Life cycle of Identity:

An identity life cycle is a term for the full life cycle of identity and access for a user on a given system. Whenever the user is on-boarded based on business title, IAM will automatically provide the system access. Once the user is terminated, IAM will automatically remove all system access based on requirement.

Implementing IAM can provide your organization with the ability to centralize visibility and control, automate core identity compliance controls and life-cycle processes, actively measure and monitor risks associated with both users and resources and so on.

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Srikanth Pinninti
Technology Specialist

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