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Data Connections In SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allowing customers to import and access their on-premise and cloud data with connections to SAP ERP, SAP BW, SAP S/4 HANA, HANA, SAP Universe and Non-SAP sources all in one place.

SAP Analytics Cloud has numerous capabilities and advantages to analyse the data, create new data models, build stories based on those models, create dashboards, update data visualizations and perform online analysis with and without data replication. It is a cloud-based application, extraordinarily integrable powerful tool and can support millions of users. It can connect, prepare and blend data for up to nearly 200 SAP and non-SAP sources.

SAC – Major features

  • Augmented Analytics – Quick deep insights
  • SAP Analytics Hub – Faster search from single platform like Portal/SharePoint
  • Business Intelligence – Evaluate and predict business results to reduce uncertainty
  • Planning – Analyse, plan and predict in single application, reducing errors as SAC is single source of truth
  • Hybrid Analytics – Combine innovation from cloud with trusted on-premise capabilities
  • SAP Digital Boardroom – Leaders to interact with insights and simulate the impact of decisions on the company in the real time
  • Smart Discovery and Smart Insights – Use machine language, not part of any other BI tools

Application Programming Interface

It allows SAML 2 functionalities to enable Single Sign-On, simplifying authentication to SAP Analytics Cloud but also to connect Data Sources from customer landscape. It is easy to setup and configure by following simple steps and doesn’t not need a separate server.

Possible Data Connections: SAC supports – Import Data connections and Live Data connections.

These two connection types are available for cloud and on-premise data sources. With Import Data connections it is possible to replicate data within SAP Analytics Cloud, create new data models through the SAC modeler and update your data visualizations and stories when refreshed. With Live Data Connections, data in SAP Analytics Cloud is not replicated, it uses existing data models for analysis and updates your data visualizations and stories with new data in real-time.

We can also create connections to remote systems to allow data acquisition by SAP Analytics Cloud. Data is imported to SAP Analytics Cloud HANA in-memory Database, and changes made to the data in the source system don’t affect the imported data.

Configuration is required when creating an import data connection to the system types, such as SAP Business Warehouse (BW), SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform universe (UNX), SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SQL Database, SuccessFactors, Workforce Analytics, OData, Concur, (SFDC), Fieldglass, Google Drive, Google Big Query, File Server.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers business logic and builds the queries required to see your data to your browser.  The browser in turn sends those queries, through the reverse proxy, down or through Direct live connection to the on-premise database. The results of those queries are returned to the browser, where any charts are rendered. If your query was a list of profits per customer, none of that information would return to SAP Analytics Cloud.

To get all above mentioned SAP Analytics Cloud benefits, we must connect our on-premise or cloud data sources by maintaining connection settings and configuration. This requires people from various areas of expertise within the organization such as SAP Analytics Cloud System Owner, Network expert, Security expert, Information system architecture expert and Application expert to ensure a smooth and controlled deployment.

MOURI Tech can help you to adopt SAP Analytics Cloud

At MOURI Tech, with years of working experience with several large and mid-sized SAP Customers, we have integrated our on-premise data sources with Import and Live Data Connections in SAP Analytics Cloud. With many successful case studies on data connections, we are ready to help and support organizations with different data connections (Import/Live) to SAP Cloud Platform from landscape (On-Premise to Cloud).

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