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Actionable Insights With The Help Of Augmented Analytics Using SAC BI Capabilities

Augmented analytics is the next generation in data science and analytics paradigm.

We can automate data insights with the help of smart data discovery using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to augment human intelligence.

The use of Machine Learning and Natural language Processing gives the ability to understand and interact with data organically as well as notice valuable or unusual trends.

Data collection and Preparation are required for analyzing the data the right way for organizations with action plans to benefit from their insights.

Due to manual effort required for these tasks, data scientists are in high demand and can be expensive for the organizations. On an average, roughly 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent in data gathering, preparing and cleaning up data. This is where augmented analytics can be implemented with the help of ML of data analytics and NLP. So the data analyst can spend more valuable time on looking for actionable insights.

Business value

  • More productivity of the resources by process automation
  • Deliver high satisfaction by predicting the customer needs proactively
  • Invent new revenue sources by converting data driven capabilities
  • More responsive, actionable insights in agile manner
  • Avoid Human Bias
  • Avoid Delayed Insights
  • Clear next action steps to be taken

Key Benefits

 Accelerate data preparation and discovery   
Data Analytics Accessible to all Business users
  Actionable Insights  

What is SAC?

SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) is a SAAS cloud-based application built on HANA platform which offers self-service functionality and agile analytics.

Why SAC?

Using new augmented analytics, predictive capabilities to make dashboarding and planning more interactive.

Insights are live on Mobile all the time with strong collaboration and data visualization features.

Predefined Business content for Line of Business (LOB), Industry specific solutions available along with extensions contributed from partners.

Access to both on premise and cloud data with data blending capabilities.

Role of SAC BI?

Evaluate and predict business results to reduce uncertainty and mitigate the risk more diligently.

 Capabilities of SAC BI -Augmented Analytics

  • Using Search of Insights, Smart Insights and Data Discovery in SAC to make the user experience more agile and interactive.
  • Mobile experience to make collaboration and sharing more intuitive.

Search of Insights in SAC

Ask queries in natural language and get instant answers

Search to Insight autocompletes as you type and suggests possible matches from the measures and dimensions in your model. The index stores metadata only. For acquired data Indexing is triggered automatically when the Search icon is selected for the first time on that model.

For live HANA data Indexing is enabled manually per model under preferences, the metadata is transferred to the SAC tenant. Indexed data is stored in the SAC tenant in a Lucene database.

Smart Discovery

Understand what KPIs Influence, drive your business model, identify different patterns in the data, discover irregularities in the business model and take immediate remedial actions.

Smart Discovery in SAC uses generated four interactive story pages.

  • Overview: Summary Information and other visualizations based on the data set
  • Key Influencer: Top Influencers
  • Simulation: Uses key influencers in an interactive what-if simulation
  • Unexpected values: Display unexpected values

Smart Insights

Describes the driver behind a data point to understand the why factor Smart Insights in SAC uses generated dashboards instantly against a data point quickly, automatically without any human bias.

Use cases:

Accelerating the sales using Augmented Analytics in E-commerce business is one of the best use cases, the marketing campaigns are run based on the customer behavior data pattern.

Improving the operations productivity using Augmented Analytics across Manufacturing, Retail, Health care and many other industries to increase the revenue and performance with high quality delivered.

MOURI Tech’s Analytics COE team has experience in analyzing the business model and recommend the suitable architectural approach for Advanced Analytics.

We have rich experience across diverse sectors in proposing the right solution which will suite the business model and will add value to the business using SAC products.

Contact for further details

Deepak Meka
Manager – Analytics COE (SAP BW-BPC-BO-HANA-SAC)

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