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PowerApps Combo box For SharePoint List


This blog describes how to use Combo Box in Power Apps for the SharePoint list.

In this blog we see how to get data from SharePoint list and then add to the PowerApps combo box.

SharePoint List Setup: 

First, create a list in SharePoint Online/Office 365 with all required columns. 

Once the SharePoint list is ready, create a new app (Canvas- Tablet view) in PowerApps. 


1.Create SharePoint List with Required Column (EX: States List).

2. We want to bind the Share point list data in to a PowerApps Combo box.

3. *** First we need to create a canvas app. So we need Login to PowerApps.
Click on Create àCanvas app from blank

4. Next, we have to give a name for the New canvas App (States_App).

5. Then select the format which you want (Tablet or Phone layout).

6. Next click on create button. When we click on create it opens in to the PowerApps Studio.

7. Then we need to add a PowerApps combo box control in to the Canvas (Screen1).
Next Click on Insert ->Input -> Select Combo box.

8. Add a label and give a name (State).

9. Then we need to bind the data from a SharePoint list data source.

  (Data -> Connectors -> SharePoint ->Select List (Data source –States List))

10. Next, Select combo box and connect the data source (Sates List) to the combo box and Edit the fields like as shown below picture: Primary text (States) Search field (States).

11. Next, check the advanced properties of Combo box1.

12. Now save the PowerApps app (States_App) and click on Run to see the Result.

13. Finally we saw here how to bind PowerApps Combo box to SharePoint List.

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Adi Lakshmi Duggi
Associate Software Engineer

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