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Meet MOURI Tech Leadership

Anil Yerramreddy

Global CEO
Founder and Global CEO, Anil Yerramreddy, is
responsible for the company’s Strategy, Focus
on Technology, Leadership Development,
Offering Services, and Market Expansion.

Tammy Hurst

Director of HR & Operations
The Operations and Human Resource functions are
run by Tammy Hurst who is responsible for the
development & execution of practices, policies, and processes.

Carsten Ziegler

Advisor, Technology & Innovation
Our Technical Advisor, Carsten Ziegler, has over 20
years of experience in the IT industry with driving
the development of several SAP products and
managing international teams. He provides insights
into technological advances, both, in general, and
within the SAP world.

Srini Sandaka

Chief Technology Officer
Our CTO, Srini Sandaka, leads the digital and cloud
platform strategies, business development, and
partnerships. He oversees the innovation hub and
steers the organization to be a cutting edge
technology solutions provider. He drives a team of
highly skilled professionals and certified enterprise
architects to provide technology-inspired solutions
for our clients.

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