mTranslate - Translation Tool for Global SAP Implementations

MOURI Tech Translation Toolkit mTranslate is an innovative tool to manage translations of a wide variety of SAP texts in SAP ECC, CRM, BW and SRM systems. Any global SAP implementation might require a large number of texts to be translated in multiple languages. With the tools provided by SAP, the translation activity is sequential, i.e. one SAP object at a time. The Translation Tool provided by MOURI Tech can simplify this process by automating the translation process.

MOURI Tech Translation tool mTranslate provides an easy user interface for translation that can be used by any user even without SAP knowledge. The translation tool can also make use of the auto translation provided by online translation services like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc.

The Translation Toolkit has tools to display the translation work list, export any translatable texts in the SAP system to a file, import the translated texts back into the SAP system and generate transports for all the translated texts, so that they can be moved to QA and Production systems. Currently the Toolkit involves functionality for translating texts for the following object Types

  • OTR Texts
  • Message Classes
  • Workflow Texts
  • Search Helps
  • Domain Elements
  • Text Elements for Function Groups
  • Text Elements for Programs
  • Text Elements for Classes
  • CRM Design Layer Elements
  • BW Query Texts

Main Features

  • An easier and faster way to translate a huge volume of texts.
  • A simple user interface so that only language skills are required to complete the translation exercise.
  • Covers all SAP systems in the ecosystem . i.e. : ECC , CRM, BI/BW, SRM etc.
  • Based on existing platforms available within the landscape. SAP and .NET.
  • Global solution that can be used for multiple implementations.
  • Can use Online Translation services available for translating (e.g.: Google Translation, Yahoo Babble Fish, Microsoft Translate) while providing a user friendly interface for verification of the automated translations
  • SAP Translation workbench has been extended to use Online Translation services and provide an easier interface to Translators
  • SAP Translation workbench uses APIs to extract and update the translations

The above cost sheet is just an example of one rollout in a global implementation. As you can see, the cost of the project can easily multiple and become huge for a global implementation with rollouts in multiple languages. Apart from the cost savings, the time savings can be as much as 70% and more depending on the number of texts to be translated.


MOURI Tech Translation Tool is a simple and easy to use tool that simplifies the translation needs of any Global SAP Implementation project. As you do multiple rollouts in different languages you start to realize that the amount of time and cost saved for the project become huge. The tool has been tested of SAP ECC, CRM, BW and SRM systems and can be implemented on any ABAP based SAP system. Also new object types can be easily added to the tool.