Why eAMS?

Robust Application for Artwork Management:

Integrates with any PLM system


All the major functionalities are built up & readily available to be configured & use Services are exposed in the system which can be used for seamless integration into external applications

Low Cost Solution Faster implementation because of the existing framework High Performance

Tested for up to 1000 concurrent users at various client implementations


Pure multi layer architecture Flexible enough to create a server farm that can include multiple servers at any time Farm Based deployment model support
Tested for up to 1000 concurrent users at various client implementations
Secured Integration to AD Rules, Groups, Audience & Permissions based restrictions

Framework Architecture

Architecture – Data Exchange

Feature Set:

Work Flows
  • Customizable Artwork request workflows
  • Configurable approval processes & rules (routing)
  • Alerts & reminders using e-mail communication
  • Handy checklist for each phase /step /Department to guide the users
Review comments capturing:
  • Annotations (images/pdfs)
  • Side Notes / Feedback)
  • Approval/Rejection Notes
  • Rating
Extensive Search (Extensible):
  • Item code
  • Date Range
  • Status
  • Category
  • Artwork request Ide
  • Past Revisions


Integration with PLM/ERP system:

Web services are exposed to exchange data with PLM system

Audit Trails:

In Regulated Industry, like Cosmetics/Pharmacy, authorities and quality standards define how records such as files and information are stored and maintained in electronic archives. We provide audit trail

Features such as:
  • Digital signatures
  • Version Management
  • Configurable Archiving Process
User Administration & Access Control :
  • For User Accounts Integration with AD account
  • Permissions for View, Update, Administration etc (custom permissions)
  • Groups Management
  • Roles Management
  • Artwork Manager will have ability to view status on New, Processing (stage), Rejected, Approved requests
Reports :
  • Revision report
  • Brand based Artwork Report
Mobile Compatibility**:
  • Workflow approval alerts on mobile phones iPhone/iPad/Android apps to access the dashboard on mobile**There are limitations on the features available on mobile phones

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