Smart Rules Migration Workbench

Smart Rules Migration Workbench (SRMW) in an automated rules migration solution designed to migratelegacy business rules systems/applications to SAP BRFPlus applications. SAP BRFPlus is the robust business rules management system in SAP ABAP platform which empowers business users to maintain business rules. SAP platform has many rule modelers, formula builders (i.e COPA Derivation tool, VSR …etc.), but each one of these tools has limitations and they are not up to the level of BRMS. Usually customers develop their own home grown business rules applications to cater to their requirements. A central BRMS system is vital for a better management of the business rules for a successful organization. This automated solution helps customers consolidate all of their legacy business rules systems into the central SAP BRFPlus BRMS. The automated solution analyzes the existing legacy business rules and converts them to BRFPlus rules through predefined rules design patterns. The BRFPlus application generated after the conversion can easily be integrated into the business process.


  • Consolidation of legacy rules applications/system into central SAP BRFPlus BRMS.
  • Rapid migration of the legacy rules.
  • Leveraging the great features of SAP BRFPlus solution which is going to have continuous improvements and support.
  • Minimal customer intervention needed during the migration process. Tool will understand the legacy rules and automatically converts them into SAP BRFPlus application.
  • Zero foot print in the client landscape: No installation required to perform migration.