Employee Replicator

Employee Replicator provides various functionalities and flexible options for the diverse user needs:

  • You can copy problematic employee from a production environment to a test environment where you can debug the problem using the real test cases.
  • Multiple clones can be generated locally or across systems to serve in different test scenarios.
  • Anonymous copies can be built to mask sensitive personal information such as name, personal ID, address, etc.
  • Standard PNP logical database selection screen is available for mass replication
  • Target employee number can be either the same as source employee or a different number, depending on the user choice.
  • Replicated employee can be built from a spreadsheet with the different attribute (position, enterprise structure information, name, address, basic pay, work schedule etc). This is useful to generate test data during implementation.
Three options are available in the Employee Replicator:

  • RFC Copy: this option is suitable when you need real test data to duplicate production issue in a test environment.
  • Local Copy: a fast way to produce multiple clones in the same system
  • Copy by File: if a large set of data needs to be copied across systems, this option will be the proper choice.