DSA – Decision Service Accelerator

Extending SAP NW DSM/BRFplus capabilities to non-SAP landscapes

Decision Service Accelerator (DSA) is an add-on that extends SAP NW DSM/BRFplus running on SAP NW / SAP ECC / SAP S4H into a multi-purpose, multi-platform, and multi-language business rule management and execution platform to suit the entire organization. It allows for central creation and distribution of SAP business rules and decision services as executable packages onto non-SAP servers, devices, and platforms. DSA is based on mature SAP technologies (SAP NW DSM/BRFplus) and developed in close collaboration with SAP’s development team in Germany.

With DSA add-on, SAP BRFplus now can be used as enterprise rules engine; not just limiting to SAP landscape alone. Although it is technically feasible to do remote calls to the ABAP server for rules execution (where rules are created using SAP BRFplus), in several situations local execution is preferable:

  • High performance – Service call overhead can be prohibitive in mass scenarios, where remote communication overhead takes more time than the execution of the rules (up to 10x).
  • Network Reliability – Local execution is ideal when bandwidth is limited or when the network is unstable.  For example, in mobile scenarios network reliability is an important aspect.
  • Security – By having the rules executed locally, enterprises can avoid sending critical data over the network, which may also provide better regulatory compliance (PCI, SOX).
  • Loose coupling – Removes dependency on other systems, thus avoids a single point of failure. e.g. maintenance of the SAP back-end should not take down the e-commerce platform.
Examples where DSA provides an excellent complement to SAP NW DSM/BRFplus:

  • Offline account origination on mobile devices
  • Applying validation rules for new data before it hits the SAP system
  • Pricing rules which are executed on vending machines
  • Discount and shipment rules in web applications
  • Phased migration of legacy system logic into SAP standard

High-level System Architecture:

DSA is offered as a stand-alone or cloud solution to generate SAP BRFplus rules into other languages like Java, C#, C++, JavaScript, Python etc., In the cloud solution, generation is based on a decision service/function which is extracted and transmitted to the cloud in an XML file. Where as in the stand-alone version the rules are created on the clients’ preferred non-sap systems with some manual configurations.

  • DSA supports all the core and complex features of SAP BRFplus.
  • Some callbacks and exits to plug in client specific logic (e.g. DB Lookup, call procedure)
  • A client API to invoke rules
  • Support for multiple platforms and runtimes (/high flexibility)
The below high level diagram shows, how DSA is used to generate JAVA Archive and deploy into non-SAP system. The same principle can be applied to languages other than JAVA as well.
The major advantage with DSA is it simplifies system architecture, no hardware requirements, and allows for more homogeneous, integrated business rules and decision service management: Without DSA, enterprises using SAP BRFplus may end up creating the same rules in non-SAP systems using another rule engine making the maintenance of the rules very challenging.

Work is in progress to extend DSA capabilities to HRF (HANA Rules Framework), so HRF rules can be executed on non-SAP systems as well.

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