Exclusive Webinar on AI-Enabled Demand Management for Supply Chain Leaders.

In this exclusive webinar our experts will talk about how Artificial Intelligence has opened up enormous opportunities for today’s supply chain leaders to generate a competitive advantage by implementing an AI-enabled demand management process based on data science: From No, to Know, to Now.

Using VR to Save Lives: Immersive Technology in Healthcare Industry

Virtual Reality is being used to revolutionize the way that learners can train and practice procedures for the workplace. AiSolve’s emergency care training platform Resuscitation VR has been built in collaboration with medical experts to help doctors practice dealing with high-stakes, low-frequency emergencies. AiSolve in collaboration with MOURI Tech will discuss the platform’s benefits of training medical residents at a lower resource cost with greater learning outcomes, and how it has been embedded and utilized within the curriculum of a Globally reputed pediatric hospital as well as available at over 60 medical institutions in 20 countries worldwide.