MOURI Tech believes in keeping it’s associates busy in not just hands on projects, but also thinking and researching about the new trends and technologies towards which the market is heading. We encourage our associates to take lead, research and document their study in forms of White Papers that makes the company proud. We believe in contributing towards spreading the knowledge that we acquire through our valuable resources. Here are a few articles that we have published in recent times.

LDAP Authentication Using Node JS

LDAP is one of the protocols used to provide additional security for the data stored in Active Directories. It provides authentication and authorization for real time applications and can also be integrated with various other real time authorization techniques.

Code Quality Check with ESLint

We must have heard about words like white-box testing, ESLint, code styling rules, JavaScript linting and so on. The common thing in all the above is the word ‘lint’. A linter is a small program that checks the code for stylistic or programming errors. Let us discuss in detail on the significance of linting in JavaScript node projects in this article.

Log Management with ELK

Elastic Logstash and Kibana (ELK) is a log monitoring and management tool. It is a collection of three open source products for log analysis and visualization. Log management is helpful for developers, system administrators and DevOps engineers to make smart business decisions.

WordPress Security Improvements

Security improvements in WordPress are taken very seriously, but as with any other system, there are potential security issues that may arise if certain basic security precautions aren’t taken. There are a number of actionable steps that can be taken to protect your website against security vulnerabilities and the things you can do to help keep your WordPress installation secure. Read the article know more!

Data Science and its application in various industries

Data Science can be utilized anywhere, wherever data is involved. Certain industries adopt data science to get benefitted as they find optimal solutions that help the organizations as well as their customers. This article provides knowledge on the application of data science in some of the major industries.

Informatica Cloud Accelerator - Updating Service Connection Details in Data Integration

With the increasing security threats, organizations are considering password rotations to be the best approach for data security. Huge number of connectors are being available in informatica cloud and the password rotation system is challenging for the admin team, as it is a lengthy and manual process. To avoid this, we at MOURI Tech propose the automation of password rotation as an ultimate solution to reduce the time taken to update all the connections and minimize human errors.

Factors to consider for building a Data Lake

A data lake is something which stores data and generates appropriate reports for making key business decisions with advanced analytics and visualization techniques in a single environment. This article discusses about various types of data, basic architecture of a data lake and various factors to be considered to build a data lake.

Overview of various AWS Database services and their usage

Databases allow you to store, manage and query structured or unstructured data. Data development is not a trivial part of your typical cloud application and the choice of which database type and platform to use is something you usually need to decide early on. Let’s explore various database options and application types available on AWS.

Single Sign-On for SAP Web Applications

Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML) is a Single Sign-On method used in exchanging authentication and authorization between security domains. It is an XML-based protocol that allows Identity Providers to pass authorization credentials to Service Providers. SAML-based authentication validates the user’s identity and login details such as password, two-factor authentication and so on. This articles gives insights on how SAML works and the major advantages it offers.

Database Migration from MSSQL to PostgreSQL

Data management and security is paramount in the IT industry. Migrating large amounts of data from one type of database to another requires extreme care and caution. It is a challenge to obtain a precise manual process about database migration from MSSQL to PostgreSQL due to a lack of much information on this subject over the internet. This article aims to provide a concise and collective information on this process.

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