MOURI Tech believes in keeping it’s associates busy in not just hands on projects, but also thinking and researching about the new trends and technologies towards which the market is heading. We encourage our associates to take lead, research and document their study in forms of White Papers that makes the company proud. We believe in contributing towards spreading the knowledge that we acquire through our valuable resources. Here are a few articles that we have published in recent times.

Single Sign-On for SAP Web Applications

Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML) is a Single Sign-On method used in exchanging authentication and authorization between security domains. It is an XML-based protocol that allows Identity Providers to pass authorization credentials to Service Providers. SAML-based authentication validates the user’s identity and login details such as password, two-factor authentication and so on. This articles gives insights on how SAML works and the major advantages it offers.

Database Migration from MSSQL to PostgreSQL

Data management and security is paramount in the IT industry. Migrating large amounts of data from one type of database to another requires extreme care and caution. It is a challenge to obtain a precise manual process about database migration from MSSQL to PostgreSQL due to a lack of much information on this subject over the internet. This article aims to provide a concise and collective information on this process.

Business Intelligence – A key component in Business Development

Efficiency and productivity are the two driving forces of an organization. With the ongoing technological development, there is a huge data overload. Business Intelligence is the best solution for this growing problem and to keep up with the current trends. This article speaks about how BI is useful to any business and how we can help our customers to achieve their goals.

Migrating Oracle Database from AWS RDS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Nowadays, proper data management is crucial for any business. We have many cloud service providers for storage and securing databases. If our Oracle database is deployed in a cloud AWS environment, then a move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be rewarding, as it offers unparalleled performance for cloud native and enterprise IT workloads.

ServiceNow - A smarter way to work

ServiceNow is a cloud-based ITSM software tool that enhances and automates the Enterprise Management. This article speaks about the key features of ServiceNow, which offers a range of products for low maintenance cost, ease of customization, real-time analysis and data integration.

SAP Security Authorization - Trace & Checks

Tracing the Missing Access

There are certain situations where the users encounter issues related to access or authorization and are unable to communicate the exact missing access. It is the responsibility of a security consultant to ensure that the missing access is traced and analysed through various SAP tracing tools such as SU53, ST01 and STAUTHTRACE, which is the essence of this article.

SAP HANA High-Performance Analytic Appliance

Digital dreams drive business success. SAP HANA outstands in the market by performing 10,000 times faster than every existing database.Enterprises often run into issues of multiple batch-run dependencies, to avoid SAP S/4HANA in-memory database technology that enables the centralizing of hardware and network resources.

Cloud Identity Access & Management

SAP Cloud Identity Access Management (IAM) has the functionalities to support an organization in restructuring users access and management in on-premise or cloud environments. By integrating this, users’ access can be handled centrally, reducing the risk across the enterprise and various business applications. Users can reset their passwords and improve access insights and compliance through Cloud IAM.

SSAUDIT And Cell Properties In Essbase

Analysts prefer to view multidimensional data in cubes, instead of relational tables. A data cube is a multidimensional matrix that facilitates analysis from various perspectives. This article essentially consists of two aspects - about SSAUDIT feature, which records each transaction detail and about Cell properties and Sandbox dimension types. These are useful in obtaining information on who submitted the data into Essbase cube and how it was loaded.

Technical Monitoring Cockpit - SAP Monitoring Tool

Technical Monitoring Cockpit is a new monitoring and analysis tool used for quick analysis to find issues in SAP application and database. It brings with it a new look and feel from an administrator’s point of view in terms of analysis to get new features, adapts Fiori Launchpad and gets full coverage of technology stack like SAP application, DB and host.

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