MOURI Tech believes in keeping it’s associates busy in not just hands on projects, but also thinking and researching about the new trends and technologies towards which the market is heading. We encourage our associates to take lead, research and document their study in forms of White Papers that makes the company proud. We believe in contributing towards spreading the knowledge that we acquire through our valuable resources. Here are a few articles that we have published in recent times.

Bot User Accounts Governance through SailPoint IdentityIQ 7.3

Most of the modern day organizations are implementing Robotic Process Automation to eliminate the involvement of their employees in repetitive manual tasks. This article provides knowledge on the necessity of governance for bot user accounts and how we can govern bot user accounts

Why Microservices over Monolithic?

In today’s fast growing and emerging world, applications need to be designed, developed and deployed on the fly rather than waiting for one phase to be completed as a whole. Microservice architecture provides all the benefits to develop a full-fledged application and deploy individually instead of getting the whole application down.

Near-Line Storage with Straggler Management

Data archiving is simplified with Read & Write access via Straggler Management. Data records violating the archiving condition will be updated via separate Delta Request overcoming the back-posting issues during archiving.

Automation Of Objects Migration in Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS)

Migrating the Objects from one environment to another environment is a manual and time consuming process in Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services. As this is a manual process, it poses a risk of human errors during the migration. To overcome this, we at MOURI Tech implemented an out of the box process to automate this manual process, thereby avoiding a number of manual errors.

ABAP Core Data Services

Core Data Service (CDS) is a data definition language created by SAP. We can define and consume data models on the database rather than on application server by using CDS views, which is a platform used to create data models by which data can be transferred to outside applications using ODATA services.

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we sell things

Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives. From mobile camera to self-driving cars, we see how AI is penetrating into our lifestyle. But how is it changing the industry? This article gives, in a simple to understand language, an idea about how it is poised to change the retail industry.

Monitoring business applications with AppDynamics

Do not be left behind in the competitive market - Monitor your business applications with AppDynamics, which is one of the best application performance monitoring solutions available.

Implementing Private Data Collections in Hyperledger Fabric

Private collections provide additional layer of privacy to Blockchain data. However, many parties will be involved in blockchain and authorized parties only will have ledger copy based on the collection profile (Endorsement policy).


SAP’s LaMa is a landscape management tool that helps Basis administrators avoid manual repetitive tasks. It centralizes the landscape which is hassle free to perform operations. LaMa not only helps in cost reduction but also saves ample amount of time.

Upgrades in UX

This article is about the journey of the roots of the front end technologies. We will explore the journey from the beginning, where it started with HTML and CSS. As the user's requirements and scope have increased over time, the technology has updated from HTML to Bootstrap, CSS to LESS/SCSS and JavaScript to jQuery.

SAP EHSM - Incident Management & Email Notifications

SAP EHSM mitigates environment, health, and safety (EHS) risks by implementing comprehensive risk assessment for safe work practices. The EHSM software from SAP mainly comprises of details about the management of employees’ safety, health, industrial hygiene, and occupational health processes at different work locations such as site, factory and so on.

Technical Challenges in Business Logic Enhancement of SAP TM

This article explains briefly about SAP Transportation Management and challenges in the SAP TM business logic enhancing to the standard behaviour of the system. In this article you will know about all possible options provided by SAP to enhance standard behaviour of the system and how you can tune up SAP TM system as per business requirement.

SAP Smart Business

SAP Smart Business is a business framework for visualizing analytic content of Key Performance indicator (KPI) or Operational Performance Indicator (OPI) in the form of analytical Fiori tiles and interactive full-screen dashboards providing quick insights to take an effective decision.

Agent Intelligence

Automation using Agent Intelligence module has been made available in ServiceNow which involves auto-populating values of the fields while creating tickets. This helps a great deal in improving the efficiency of a business. The entire article depicts how to utilize and execute Agent Intelligence in ServiceNow.


Offer bot is a machine learning concept that can be developed and integrated into mobile and web application to save time. It automates recurring offers and special offers to customers based on certain pre-defined rules. A wide base of customers for offer bots include banking, retail and telecom industries.

AMDP’s alternative to READ_TEXT Function Module

This article primarily focuses on how to use ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP), one of the code push-down techniques in S/4 HANA to overcome the performance problems while using traditional READ_TEXT function module for retrieving mass amount of long texts.

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

In a world of ever changing legislations, SAP ATTP appears to be a boon to pharmaceutical companies. However, the success of SAP ATTP, or for that matter any SAP product depends to a large extent on the correct master data. Ensuring correct master data ensures high data quality, consistency and reliability of business process. To sum up, a successfully implemented SAP ATTP ensures patient safety and curbs falsified drugs.

AVI Address validation.

The article essentially provides knowledge on Address Verification Interface (AVI) service, which validates the address provided by a user in the Master Data Governance tool. The validation is done in the back end and the results are delivered to the user in the form accuracy code, determining whether the data entered by the user is valid or not and enabling the user to know about it before the form submission.

Actionable Insights with the help of Augmented Analytics using SAC BI capabilities

Augmented analytics is the next generation in data science and analytics paradigm. We can automate data insights with the help of smart data discovery using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to augment human intelligence.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender

The IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender is a powerful data transformation engine that can speak directly to native interfaces and APIs. The article provides knowledge on its components, the formats supported and how it is different from other transformation tools.

S/4HANA Conversion

Are you planning to convert your legacy ECC to S/4HANA? Do you want to experience the benefits with S/4HANA? This article helps to understand the differences between legacy ECC and S/4HANA and also gives an overview of Converting an ECC system to SAP S/4HANA followed by MOURI Tech’s Strategies for converting to SAP S/4HANA.

Choosing your iOS Application Architecture

This document offers guidance on selection criteria, helping to choose the right type of software architecture while developing an application on iOS. It details on defining Model, View and Controller Jargons and Anatomy of Presenter.


Worrying about huge data growth? Think about SAP NLS HADOOP!! Know about the temperature-based concept that stores the cold and warm (less used) data in HADOOP with a provision to access it whenever it is required directly by queries. This article explains how SAP NLS is useful for data management in any organization.

Overview on ServiceNow

The article gives a thorough overview on ServiceNow - how it is useful to users as compared with other tools, its features and benefits, various modules that are present in ServiceNow and a detailed note on each module.

An Overview on Octopus Deploy

The article explains about functionalities and key features of Octopus, which is the deployment automation tool designed for releases and deployment of applications. It ensures that releases are properly tested before deploying it to production.

Impact of Hybrid & Reactive Applications on Web UI

This article talks about the journey of web user interface from static HTML UI to attractive mobile devices UI. It gives information on how the things have moved from static UI to dynamic UI, how the hybrid application created on web can possibly be deployed on mobile devices and how it changes the whole dynamics.

Continuous Deployment to Azure with Team Foundation Server (Azure DevOps Server)

This article describes how Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps Server has grown up into a complete DevOps platform and how Microsoft has loaded it with features to deploy the applications continuously into the cloud, with options that are aligned with Azure Cloud.

Can we utilize the power of HANA with different reporting tools?

We can utilize the power of HANA with ABAP CDS Views in HANA and expose data for reporting to meet diverse use cases and add business value using prevalent reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI, SAP Fiori, Qlik Sense and SAP BO.

UX - Why, What and How

MOURI Tech realises that a good experience will bring back customers to your product and that is why, pays special attention to User Experience(UX) design. This article discusses the UX process we follow to makes sure that good UX is an integral part of every product that we create.

Need for Application Retirement

This article gives you an overview of application retirement and states its importance on how effective would it be to maintain all the legacy data of any application and also briefs us on what leads for any application to be retired.

Identity Access Management (IAM) and its benefits

In the process of on-boarding a new employee in an organization or relieving an existing employee, there is a lot of manual work involved in terms of provision or de-provision of access. This might lead to typographical errors and or delays or even security threats if they do not remove the access on time for a terminated resource. This article gives information on what is Identity Access Management, the necessity to implement it in an enterprise and various benefits associated with it.

Hierarchical Stage in DataStage.

The Hierarchical stage has been added in DataStage - Version 11.3. It used to work with XML and JSON data, the stage itself has its own pallet to do transformations. This article details on how Extensible Markup Language can be read by hierarchical data stage, providing examples and its advantages over XML packs.

Automation of Oracle Hyperion Migrations

This article discusses about how to automate manual process for Migrating Hyperion objects from one environment to another environment. This automation process is built by different scripting languages and Microsoft Excel. Using this process we can reduce the time of migration and minimize or nullify errors.

Data Connections in SAP Analytics Cloud

This article explains the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and types of connections to import data to SAC from on-premise and cloud data sources with a pictorial representation. It also gives information on the features and highlights of SAC.

Road map for migrating On Premises OBIEE to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

This article discusses about Road map for Migrating On-Premises Oracle BI Content to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to leverage the benefits that are offered by Oracle Cloud along with different Cloud BI Models that are practiced by MOURI Tech.

Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Using Hadoop.

This article gives information on how the organisations can collect a product review based on the feedback given by the people in social networking platforms. The technology used for testing is Hadoop, which helps to process the unstructured data (Example: Twitter data) in a very less time.

Implementation Of Access Control Using Guides In Informatica Cloud Application Integration.

Guides are used to build user interactive integration applications for users with no or less access to code. With use of informatica integrated design environment guides can be implemented as set of screens to automate several processes and interfaces of applications such as Salesforce.

Summary of DevOps

DevOps is a set of tools and practices used to automate the processes of Developers, Testers and operations teams, in order to build, test, and release software faster and more reliable and error free.

Single Sign-On Based on SNC Kerberos method for SAP ABAP Application servers.

SAP Single sign-on (SSO) is a SAP software product and it provides a secure authentication and encryption when the users are accessed to SAP and Non-SAP applications with single password. It is intended to improve enterprise security and simplicity by providing access to applications across all systems.

Active directory integration with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services(IICS)

In this article we will discuss about Active directory integration with other applications by using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services(IICS). The aim of this article is to explain how we are going to capture the data changes from Active directory and integrate with other systems.

Moving to SAP HANA – Consider Archiving

The goal of the whitepaper it to walk through a brief perspective on SAP data, how and where to start with archiving when migrating to SAP HANA. Some simple key lessons learnt and how MOURITECH can help an organization ride this journey.

new functionalities with GRC 12.0

SAP has come up with newer version of GRC which is 12.0 right after Version 10.1 in March 2018. New functionalities ranges from Fiori look like screens to IAG (Identity Access Governance), S/4 Hana Rule set to Hana EAM and so on covered in the this article.