Driving the Future of the Automotive Industry

How Blockchain, IoT, Telematics, AI and Cloud-Based Success Today Equals More Customers Tomorrow

Winning the automotive customer of tomorrow begins today. With the rapid change occurring within the industry, having access to enhanced customer data today is critical to your organization’s success. Those who have the ability to adapt will achieve higher margins, secure supply chains, and deliver a win for all stakeholders involved.

We’re here to help your organization transform along with the automotive industry and enhance:

  • Agility to market
  • Customer-centricity
  • New business models
“As technology advances, industries will be transformed in coming years. IT will be all about accelerating this revolution.”

MOURI Tech’s Managed Services team offers efficient management of applications that are critical to your daily operations, as well as support for your customized environment and infrastructure, all without disruption to any of your operational systems.

What We Do

We shape new business models around intelligent technology, all with a focus on the driver experience. MOURI Tech is at the forefront of this revolution with:

Automotive Technology Focus

Drive efficiencies in engineering, manufacturing, and aftersales and accelerate speed to market with:

  • Cloud Computing
  • iOT Enabled Analytics
  • Social Media
  • System Integration
Telematics Services

Gain smarter insights, drive customer-centricity, and monetize data with:

  • Connected Vehicles
  • Infotainment
  • Usage Based Insurance
  • Telematic Service Provisioning & Execution Framework
IT Enabled Services

Deliver exceptional customer experiences by simplifying and accelerating the digital transformation with:

  • Customer and Dealer Portal
  • ERP-based CRM (SAP Hybris)
  • Native iOS & Android Apps
  • Data Synchronization Through Various Feeds
Custom Blockchain Protocols

Build and deploy enterprise blockchain to:

  • Secure your supply chain
  • Reduce fraud
  • Boost productivity
  • Build and enhance customer trust

Who We Help

At MOURI Tech, our automotive industry focus means you get a partner on your side to help you win tomorrow’s customer in the growing experience economy. We work with:

  • Automotive OEM's
  • Dealers and Suppliers
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Service Providers
  • Warranty management

Wherever you are in the automotive supply chain, we have a solution to help you transform your organization and leverage next-gen technology to differentiate and grow your business.

We build the custom application you need to accelerate your organization’s growth, capture customers and market share, reduce costs, and gain greater transparency, visibility, and insights.

Our Expertise

Our team of experts offers customized solutions to meet the changing needs of the automotive industry. We work with industry leaders to implement customer relationship management software with third-party collaborations such as Siebel integration along with end-to-end solutions for Telematics Systems. "Some of our implementations that have that bolstered success for our partners include:"

Automotive Industry

  • Dealers Portal
  • Owners Portal
  • Integrated with Remotes Services
  • Parts Portals for Retailer
  • Media Websites

Telematics Services

  • Automotive Websites
  • Vehicle Configurator
  • Vehicle Health Reports
  • Vehicle Servicing Reminders and Alarms
  • Fault Predictions

Offerings Within Telematic Services

Tools and Technologies

MOURI Tech can assist by:

  • Shaping IT strategy and portfolio management
  • Deploying Siebel integration for customer relationship management
  • Onboarding 3rd party data using Data Feeds
  • Integrating Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, and ERP
  • Consulting on Cybersecurity Assessment, Planning, and Management

Ready to Learn More?

Reach out to a MOURI Tech expert today and learn how we can help you drive the future of your organization’s success with our custom solutions for the automotive industry.

Work Done

A web portal to convert mundane tasks into an exciting expreince for KARMA Car owners
E-commerce platform giving a unique buying experience for KARMA Automotive retailers
Dealership App design and development for increasing efficiency of Automotive Sales Staff