Leadership Team

Mr. Anil Yerramreddy

Mr. Anil Yerramreddy
Global CEO

Anil Yerramreddy is the founder and managing partner of MOURI Tech. As a Global CEO, Anil has the responsibility for Strategy, Technology Focus, Leadership Development, Service Offering and Market Expansion to ensure the continued growth and success of the Company. He also oversees select strategic partnerships.

Anil has over 20 years of experience in business development and management of enterprise solutions of various industries globally. Anil, with his passion to provide an unparalleled service to his clients with resources and imagination, brought MOURI Tech to the world and raised it with love and care from one person to a multi-level global organization.

Anil earned his Bachelor degree from SV University, India and a M.S in Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA.

Mr.Matthias Kucharska

Mr. Matthias Kucharska
BDM - Europe

Matthias heads MOURI Tech Europe division and is responsible for Business Development, Leadership, Business Consulting, Service Delivery and Service Management to enterprises in Europe. He directly oversees critical engagements spread across Europe and works closely with SAP SE.

Matthias Kucharska is an entrepreneurial-style business strategist with over 10 years of consulting and project management experience. His initial experience in working with small and midsize companies rounds up his profile to address challenges for tailored solutions for companies any size and relevant industries with a personal touch. Working for blue chip companies around the world, Matthias has developed an insight into the needs and desires of business and IT departments and provided them with out-of-the-box solutions, adding great and measurable value. Matthias has a proven track record of successful project implementations across banking, automotive, insurance, manufacturing, maintenance, aviation industries and public sector. He has managed projects of varied size and complexity, including multi-million dollar, multi-year, geographically spread programs. With a vast experience as a ramp-up coach for new solutions, he has been repeatedly invited by clients as a trusted advisor.

Matthias holds a Bachelor degree in Business & Information Science from the University of Applied Science, Ansbach, Germany (German Diploma) and co-authored SAP Press book “Business Rules Management mit ABAP".

Tammy Hurst

Tammy Hurst
Director of HR & Operations

Tammy Hurst manages Operations and Human Resources functions of MOURI Tech. She is responsible for the development and execution of practices, policies and processes. She also manages business relationships with partners supporting Operations and Human Capital Management.

Tammy Hurst has over 20 years of Human Resources and Business Management experience in a variety of industries. She spent the past decade immersed in the international HR and US Immigration processes. Tammy supported the global SAP practice at the Corporate-level HR for both EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and HP (Hewlett-Packard) before joining MOURI Tech. Tammy's "hands-on, heart-in" style, along with her unique ability to combine well-honed human resource skills, business competency, integrity and true professionalism forms strong bonds of trust that build the solid foundation upon which our global employees at all levels can fully develop both professionally and personally.

She holds a Master's Degree in Management and Development of Human Resources; a Bachelor's Degree in both Business Administration and Marketing; and is SHRM-SCP, PHR and GPHR certified.

Tammy Hurst

Carsten Ziegler
Advisor, Technology & Innovation

Carsten Ziegler functions as a Technical Advisor for MOURI Tech group and provides insights into the technological advances in general and within SAP world, specifically. Carsten has 20 years of experience in the IT industry driving development of several SAP products and managing international teams.

At SAP he has worked in multiple business and technical components including SAP Business By Design (BYD), SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM), SAP Master Data Framework (MDF), and he led the development of SAP Business Rules Framework plus (BRF+) and SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) from inception to mass adoption.

Carsten is also a key contributor to defining SAP’s overall business process strategy for SAP’s business suite and he has a track record of guiding many large-scale projects, in terms of both setting up and using business rules and business process management technology. Drawing upon this extensive experience, he provides global business rules expertise support for SAP customers, sales, consulting, development, and solution management.

He worked as a chief architect designing the foundation of SAP’s IoT platform (SAP Leonardo). In his current position at SAP he takes care for side-by-side extensibility of S/4HANA with SAP Cloud Platform and with Big Data technologies.

He is an outstanding TechEd and Sapphire speaker and contributed many SCN publications and holds various patents, especially in the space of business rules and decision automation. His extensive global experience and expertise is used as catalyst for MOURI Tech Innovation DNA.

He is a co-author of books:
Thomas Albrecht, Matthias Kucharska, Christian Lechner, Daniel Ridder, Wolfgang Schaper, Tobias Trapp, Carsten Ziegler: "Business Rule Management mit ABAP: BRFplus und SAP Decision Service Management", SAP Press, 2015

Carsten Ziegler, Thomas Albrecht: "BRFplus - Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications", SAP Press, 2010

"Business Process Management from SAP" in Ann Rosenberg, Mark von Rosing, Greg Chase, Rukhshaan Omar, and James Taylor: "Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment", SAP Press, 2010

Tammy Hurst

Mark Kenney
Advisor, Strategic Marketing

Mark Kenney functions as a Strategic Marketing Advisor for MOURI Tech group and supports it’s Go-to-Market Strategy, User Experience Strategy as well as Financial Strategy. Mark has been associated with MOURI Tech since 2008. He brings over two decades of diverse business and technical experience primarily in the core business processes of OTC, P2P, and Financial areas. Mark is a sought after speaker at events such as SAP’s ASUG, SAP Insider, and Universities on the topic of best in class Procurement and simplifying SAP.

His drive for improving user experience and making use of the technology and his ability to challenge the status quo has contributed to innovative ideas and out of the box solution development from MOURI Tech stable. His financial acumen, entrepreneurial instincts, drive for value addition and his enterprise architecture skills bring value to the team and drive associates to aim high and approach problem solving with user in mind.

Mark, a Serial Entrepreneur, is a CPA and holds an Accounting degree from Michigan State University.

Tammy Hurst

Srini Sandaka

Srini Sandaka is the CTO of MOURI Tech and leads the digital and cloud platform strategy, business development and partnerships. He is responsible for the innovation hub and steering the organization to be a cutting edge technology solution provider. He drives the team of highly skilled professionals and certified enterprise architects to provide technology inspired solutions for clients across the globe in diverse industries.

Srini brings over 16 years of IT experience to the organization. His passion for new technology brings fresh ideas and insight to all initiatives across Enterprise Applications, Digital, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT platforms for customers as well as MOURI Tech. His vision and ability to use technology as a tool to maximize shareholder value and improve employee productivity has made him a trusted advisor for many global clients across manufacturing, utilities, petrochemical, hi-tech and public enterprises. His inquisitiveness and fascination with technology has successfully delivered many enterprise solutions and allowed businesses to stay ahead of the competition and make the leap to the next level.

He holds a Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc IT) degree and is pursuing a MBA at DeVry University, USA.

Tammy Hurst

Kevin Wilson
Vice President - Innovation & Strategy

Kevin Wilson is the VP of innovation and Strategy for MOURI tech Group. He is responsible for spearheading emerging technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 into the market. He has over 27 years of experience in the IT industry and 21 years specifically dealing with SAP solutions.