MOURI Tech is a global enterprise solutions provider committed to designing and delivering solutions that enable international companies to thrive in today’s complex business environment. Our Technical expertise, management philosophy and innovative thinking of the empowered employees made it possible for MOURI Tech to partner with the world class organizations to provide the best in class solutions. MOURI Tech has worked across verticals in both public and private sectors to solve complex business problems, providing holistic services leveraging its global presence.

Engaging MOURI Tech means engaging professionals to deliver the business value, be it in the enterprise application implementation, application development, infrastructure management, management consulting or application maintenance and support. The success of MOURI Tech and our customers can be directly attributed to our associates and our unique management philosophy, “Employees First, Customers Foremost”. We strive towards and ensure highly skilled and focused are placed on the right job. The company values and the associate’s penchant to be the best in what they do and their motto of going above and beyond the call of duty is their fundamental right has which made us partner in many client’s progress. We are proud to be the partners in progress of our customers and more importantly we are proud of our associates.